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  • Video 1 - Climate change and how it's causing a catastrophe
  • Video 2 - What we can do about climate change
  • Video 3 - What Will Happen If Climate Change is not Addressed?
  • Video 4 - What World Leaders Must do
  • Three things that you can do; write, research, spread the word
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Join the Campaign - Join the Campaign to Stop Climate Catastrophe - Describes what you can do about climate the climate emergency

Write to your elected representative - Writing to the government is a helpful action that we can all carry out 

Research the climate catastrophe - Research the climate emergency, recommendations to help you research the climate emergency 

About Us - Describes why the site was created

Climate change and the decline of seabirds - Describes how climate is causing seabird numbers to decline globally.

This government spouts lies on a life-threatening crisis - How the government misleads people into thinking that climate change is under control into thinking that things are under control.

"Is it the end of the world dad?" Families thoughout the world are having conversations about climate change. They are right to be worried. Governments can reduce anxiety by effective action.

How World Leaders Can Avoid the Worst Effects of Climate Change. A Summary of The Changes that Political Leaders need to make. The four main challenges that climate change poses.

What Will Happen if we Don't Address Climate ChangeThere are twelve main catastrophic events that will occur if climate change is not stopped.

The Link Between Climate Change and COVID-19 - Scientists say that we have entered a pandemic era and that COVID-19 may just be the start.

Ecological collapse is here - Climate change is already causing a dramatic ecological collapse.

Climate change or global warming - which is the right term? Is it climate change or global warming? The language we use to describe this is important.

Are we really in a climate emergency? The ice sheets in both Greenland and Antarctica have rapidly increased and are matching the IPCC’s worst-case climate warming scenarios.

Anxious or Suicidal? Reading or thinking about climate change can make people anxious. This has been called ‘climate anxiety’ or ‘eco anxiety’. Find out what to do If you feel anxious or suicidal.




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