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About Stop Climate Catastrophe

The Aim of Stop Climate Catastrophe

The aim of this site is to provide accurate and honest information about the unfolding climate catastrophe.

Climate change could end humanity. It has already destroyed a greate deal of biodiversity and made people homeless.

We seek to answer questions such as what is the solution? Why has it been so hard to solve? How has it been able to get so bad?

 Many books, articles and scientific papers have been consulted and referenced.

I hold a MSc in Biological Recording: Collection and Management with The University of Birmingham, a biodiversity-related subject. I have also studied journalism and investigative journalism.

We are all born with the ability to love the natural world and its biodiversity. Animals and plants have brought joy to our lives since childhood. The pleasure of walking through woodland, listening to birdsong and the scent and colours of a meadow are a right. The thrilling sight of birds such as the raven, peregrine falcon or the garden sparrow or starling should be a treasure that everyone is entitled to see. The colours and extraordinary diversity of insects such as beetles, butterflies, spiders or the humble fly. The arrival of migratory birds every spring that never fails to make us feel optimistic. The natural world is part of us and we are part of it. Our mental health relies upon preserving it along with every other aspect of our health. Without it we are extinct.

The quality of our lives depends on us protecting the environment. It provides us with water and fertile soil for growing food, shelter and medicines. It is also embedded in our history, poetry, music and art. Nature and the environment are a part of us and we are part of it. We cannot afford to lose it.


Climate change and biodiversity loss are linked. Caring about and looking after wildlife makes for a healthier planet and reduces emissions.

I hope to reach anyone who wants humanity and the plants and animals that we share the planet with to have a future.


Two books that are excellent primers on the topic of climate change are 'Funny Weather' by Kate Evans which explains how climate change works and 'Net Zero' by Dieter Helm which describes the solution and includes a realistic plan.


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