Learn about the climate emergency, the causes and what to do about it

Write to your elected representative

The big issue is that the governments need to take urgent action to stop climate catastrophe right now.

In the UK you can find your Member of Parliament online.

When you write to your elected representative please let us know via our Facebook page.

We would like to know whether they are being genuinely responsive. They may not respond or give a response that is just an anodyne public relations statement.

Climate changes are threatening humanity. Inaction by governments and a lack of media reporting on the issues surrounding climate are dangerous.

In the UK the government are doing something but it is weofully short of what is required and not fast enough. The science indicates that earth is on target for catastrophe unless we decarbonise now.

The UK is consistent with a global effort to limit warming to 1.5 degrees. However, Greta Thunberg has said that our reported 37 per cent reduction in emissions since 1990 was only 10 per cent when aviation, shipping, imports and exports were counted. She described reports of carbon emissions reductions as the result of "very creative" accounting. She said that the countries' pledge to produce net zero carbon emissions by 2050 is, "actually doing more harm than good" and that "It sends a signal that we can continue like this for I don't know how many more years - 20 more years - and that we can continue like now, which is not good."





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