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Learn about climate change and the causes, why it is an emergency and find out what to do about it

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Learn about the climate emergency, the causes and what to do about it

Video 1 - Climate change and how it's causing a catastrophe


Video 2 - What we can do about climate change


Video 3 - What Will Happen If Climate Change is not Addressed?


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Video 4 - What World Leaders Must do


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Three things that you can do to help


Write to your elected representative and track what they say. We need to know whether or not they are doing anything effective.



Please read the blogs and articles and watch the video on the site. There are some excellent books and resources available here.


Spread the word

Social media is an effective way to reach out to people. Please share the information widely.

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Latest Blogs

County Council's vote NOT to support the CEEB is based on untrue st...

Zero Hour the campaign group behind the Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill have sent a letter to all East Sussex County Councillors.  The groups Campaign...

Is Apocalyptic Language Appropriate

On August 22, I was listening to Rebecca Stott speaking of the rhetoric of climate change on Radio 4’s A Point of View. She said that when communicating climate...

Tackling the Climate Emergency - A “No Regrets” Plan

Tackling the Climate Emergency - A “No Regrets” Plan Sir Dieter Helm, professor of Economic Policy at the University of Oxford and Fellow in Economics, outlines...

This government spouts lies on a life-threatening crisis

Dawn Butler was recently suspended from Parliament for pointing out that Boris Johnson had misled it during the pandemic. She complained that she was in trouble for...

"Is it the end of the world dad?"

"Is it the end of the world dad?" Dr Chris Shaw lecturer at The University of Sussex and Senior Researcher of Climate Outreach recently tweeted, “How do you answer...

How World Leaders Can Avoid the Worst Effects of Climate Change

To avoid catastrophe, it is essential that there is a reduction in the extraction and burning of fossil fuels. Burning fossil fuels gas such as coal or oil must stop now....

What Will Happen if we Don't Address Climate Change

What will happen if climate change is not addressed. Severe climate change is already happening. The pre-industrial global mean surface temperature was .2°C. Currently...

The Link Between Climate Change and COVID-19

Global heating is accelerating and adversely affecting every aspect of life. One consequence of climate change is the increased risk of pandemics. Scientists say that we...

Ecological collapse is here

Climate change is already causing a dramatic ecological collapse.          It’s no use speaking of the need to prevent an...

Climate change or global warming - which is the right term?

Is it climate change or global warming? The language we use to describe this is important. A phrase or term can communicate an idea consciously and unconsciously. So, let's...

Are we really in a climate emergency?

The year 2016 felt like a great time for tackling climate change. Every country in the world had signed The Paris Agreement, with the Signatories promising to reduce...

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